Sunday, August 23, 2009

Where do I sign up?

I'm still new to this tax blogging world, but I've certainly read enough to know that I am not alone in thinking tax law is way too complicated.

Since recently reading that the Obama task force on tax simplification may not really get us anywhere, and also reading about how rarely Congress really listens to National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olsen, I can't help but be discouraged.

I want to get involved in pushing Congress for tax simplification.

I realize I can't do much all by myself, and I've got two little rugrats to take care of, but I'd like to contribute what little time and (questionable) talent I can to making real change happen.

What's the best way to push for tax simplification? Is there an AICPA group, a group in the National Association of Tax Preparers, or some other group? Is there a "Tax Professionals for Simplification" organization?

What's the best place to start, and where do I sign up?

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  1. ML-

    Good question.

    The National Association of Tax Professionals does not have any organized committee to lobby Congress for tax simplification, although it does regularly meet with the IRS and its various “outreach” committees and has a government liaison type staff position. I doubt very much that the AICPA is lobbying for simplification, although I expect it, and other such organizations (NAEA, NSA, NSTP) have some lobbying function. To be honest, these organizations represent the tax preparer (or in the case of the AICPA the CPA) and not the taxpayer.

    I am not aware of any “Tax Professionals for Simplification” organization, although perhaps we can start one (seriously).

    There is really no effective lobby for the individual taxpayer. Until there is, all the other lobbies for special interest groups, with their huge budgets, will continue to entice Congress to complicate the Tax Code in their favor.

    National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olsen is a good loud advocate for the taxpayer and for simplification, but Congress rarely acts on her recommendations.

    At this point all we can do is to continue to discuss the issue in our blogs, as TaxGirl Kelly Phillips Erb will be doing in a series of guest posts next week, and to publish articles on the subject in professional and other journals and publications.