Monday, August 17, 2009

Favorite Tax Blogs

The house is on the market, and I'm finally visiting my cherished Google Reader.

Here are the tax blogs I couldn't wait to catch up on...

My Top 5 (no particular order):
In the Top 10 (no particular order):
And I enjoyed Bruce the Taxguy, who has recently retired his blog for other pursuits, in which I wish him the best.

So that's what this tax blogosphere newcomer loves to read. Peter Pappas gives an annual Rick Moranis award to the 5 Best Tax Nerd Blogs. Invesp Consulting recently posted its Top 25 Tax Blogs.

Where do you go for your tax fix?


  1. All of the ones you listed plus:

    The Tax Law Report by Chris Wright. His blog concentrates on Tax Court decisions. Twitter gcwright

    Bed Buffaloes In Your Tax Code by Mary O'Keeffe, Union College and VITA Coordinator. A blog from the perspective of the volunteer preparers.

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